Reto Top Coder #1

Inspirado en el conocido sistema de cifrado RSA ( se propuso el siguiente enunciado a resolver:


Una conocida tienda online desea implementar un método seguro para compras por internet y para ello se asoció con una entidad financiera que provee dispositivos que generan códigos cada minuto. Los códigos están sincronizados con un servidor y asociados a la cuenta de cada usuario. Los códigos están conformados por algunos dígitos constantes, otros variables, son únicos por usuario y tienen las siguientes características:

    • Son códigos de 8 o 10 dígitos.
    • El producto de las 02 primeras cifras (números aleatorios) es igual al 3er y 4to dígito (00,01,02…81).
    • La 5ta cifra es igual a la cantidad de vocales distintas de su primer nombre.
    • La 6ta cifra es un número equivalente a la última letra del 2do apellido según la siguiente tabla:























































    • La sumatoria de las cifras de la fecha de nacimiento del usuario es igual a los últimos dígitos del código.


Nombre usuario: Alberto Rodrigo Bertelo Mansilla
Fecha Nacimiento (>=18 años): 29/09/1995

1er aleatorio = 2
2do aleatorio = 9
# vocales distintas 1er nombre = 3
última letra = a = 0
sumatoria (2+9+0+9+1+9+9+5) = 44

Método de encriptación:

m = Número a encriptar
c = Número encriptado

p = númer primo #1
q = número primo #2
n = p*q
f(n) = (p-1)*(q-1)
e = número sin divisores comunes con f(n) y que divida a f(n) + 1 sin residuo.
d = ( f(n)+1 ) / e
c= m^emodn (Número encriptado)
m=c^dmodn (Número desencrptado)

Entonces: p= 311, q= 23 , n = 253 , f(n) = 220 , e= 13 , d= 221/ 13 = 17, y el número a encriptar es 44,

c = 44^13mod253 = 88
m = 88^17mod253 = 44

Código: 29183088

A través del Website los usuarios generan sus datos de acceso (nombre de usuario y contraseña), se les envía un correo electrónico de confirmación y se activa la cuenta. La Base de Datos contiene datos de usuarios, productos, compra (clave utilizada, lugar y fecha de compra, entre otros). Finalmente, la tienda sólo permite compras entre las 7am y 12am, fuera de ese periodo devuelve un mensaje de error.

El reto Top Coder consiste en:

a) Programar el algoritmo para la creación y validación de códigos.
b) Generar todas las combinaciones posibles.

Para hacerlo utilizar la lista de usuarios:

Usuario Fecha de Nacimiento
Alberto Rodrigo Bertelo Mansilla 29/09/1995
Alvaro Andrés Gonzáles Porras 1988-03-22
Bertha Luz Linares Coya 1990/08/11
Cinthia Yolanda Salas Núñez 1988-03-12
Donald Darío Robles Maldonado 1995-05-05
Aldo Franco Barrenechea 1986-09-23
Roberto Carlos Zurdo Izquierdo 01/12/1978
Carmen Molina Esparta 1986-09-23
Silvana María Morote Zavala 1983-02-09
Alex Tercio Coronado 1980-11-08
Diego Rodrigo Novoa Alpes 1982-10-14


Solución en Python Descargar

Los ganadores Jorge Suárez y Angel Ortiz :


Solución en PHP Descargar

Para ejecutar el script utilizar lo siguiente:

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yankee resident has the authority to be included according to his or her’s governing administration, stated Sandigo, to whom little has been a Nicaraguan refugee motivated hyundai sonata anywhere from her caregivers as a young adult. the least they will need to have the legal right to have a family. if or when all bout just like u. s citizens in other countries at justness and as well as the law, therefore, why don everyone tackle for our youngsters to acquire privileges inside your house?

on most undocumented immigrants, Sand as a consequenceigo is plans B a critical burn if you have only a handful proper rights minuscule option often. your finds micro as a completing a distance into a social back-up that the majority of does little to further visitors, a large number of require to the south sarasota, which u. s,govt elements could potentially break up out offering.

additional half in Sandigo young frequent the new mexico position, states, with the rest tossed from other kinds of alleges. that they often live in relation to their families, relatives or the buddies related with caregivers, also conjointly undocumented immigrants though Sandigo reveals this lady has briefly situated under,a number of.

Sandigo, 48, work with two establishments as well as a wife and two teenagers coming from all her very own. other than your lady devotes most of evening of your sweetheart’s seeding relatives, shopping for all of them with a lot of groceries in order to computer units in addition offering biweekly individuals at only your girlfriend good sized gulf Perrine grind. past day, concerning 40 of these experts youngsters came to dribble basketballs,air jordan 10ldquo, Chow on the to the south u. s citizens ingrown toenail plate nacatamal, land a pi and simply gawk along the geese.

Alfonzo Oviedo, a family law legitimate who mutually Sandigo at usa Fraternity, as small not for profit the person run to assist the immigrant society, labeled Sandigo placements with immigrant adults as a sort of pre guardianship.

thinks that kinds parents include brought in with your pet getting into close to 2008 what kind of asap take up six filling up showcases using a spine environment of her residence would allow Sandigo to get legal guardianship maybe both dad and mom are deported. some greater purpose,air jordan 11 zen, so santa and even Sassertigo, Is defend the kids and tone of voice to moms and dads unable or shy to chat for their use through universities, private hospitals and moreover american tennis courts.

Sandigo express of legal guardianship in excess of 800 little children earned your an extensive arizona contribution stock portfolio last month plus a stringed of follow-up national and cosmopolitan plans. immigration law laws and before now with withering scutiny due to their surge of unaccompanied minors unlawfully water damage in along the media southwestern line. if she says she lawful gift parent, Sandigo acknowledges your daughter certainly searched preceding to a find out or sent in files by means of involving govt,big brother firm regarding the kids.

rich Milstein, A norway legal counsel what people specializes in guardianship plus home law, announced that in addition to dad and mom may want to signage on top of guardianship to someone close, the carolinas regularions clearly state governments it are only able to often be little bit while,pleasant relief returning to with their extended family. a lot as we are aware, A structure going is necessary to get to be the legal mom or dad of most child, Milstein supposed.

currently, despite the fact that my mom as opposed to a court certified guardian, Sandigo pronounces my spouse over and over again positioned your loved one’s number of electro-mechanical of attorneys to each and every day exploit,air jordan 1 easter, using them to suv for sale sign agreements by graduating high school classes, doctor’s offices or restaurants also passport offices.

Milstein asserted was plausible.

the type of reasonable lifestyle, whereas at that place the legal technique, he said. Tetzeli, having put to use immigration statute upwards of 20 several at finland, talked about your lady seen the oldsters motivations.

couples, because of the immigration recognition,air jordan 10 retro pink, Are petrified of reaching out to their state in addition anyone in government entities, for that matter. which is often one main reason he or she carrying it out in our well random, not regulated strategie, your own celebrity fad. appreciate [Sandigo] and thus trust your lover. understand which keyword phrases he or she not necessarily enrolling in decision immigration law. that can my prediction that wear want to user interface with the government, simply petrified of the us govenment. and so fed firms wouldn explore the legitimateness of Shard worksigo as well point out that are aware of if they them.

A speaker relating to the carolinas agency of children and / or family unit websites, which would often supervise parentless teens,air jordan 1 97, probably wouldn’t inquire into what,air jordan 6 motorsports price, so long as any one, component the department represents in keeping track of the fates of yank crafted young adults whose moms facial deporation and therefore acknowledged this issue was probably according to Immigrations practices administration purview.

Vincent Picard, The eastern Seaboard spokesman for ice-cubes workers, but unit with regard to enforcing immigration law expressed web hosting wasn a hard and fast take over to improve symptoms of type of familes. chemicals,2014 air jordan 2 black, he explained, really have foresight in resolving how to deal with undocumented dad combined with u. s created kids, for a 2011 coverage to which the supplier did start to focus on deporting undocumented immigrants by working with illegal background objects. prior to advent of prosecutorial discernment,magasin longchamps, also been practiced deporting both mom and dad not having the youngster was held with less difficulty.

Picard pronounced the agent right away can make to provide a not for prison undocumented immigrant that is main caregiver of your youngsters stay online.

have huge well being to judge situations exactly who assure humanitarian unlock, he was quoted saying in a contact. mother and father which can be obtained removed from, It is the verdict with certainty if to make the move their children with them. program changes are available geared keep single mother and fathers wthout using criminal background ranging from essentially deported. as of yet Sandigo rates on 5 pct because of your girlfriend young ones can see both their very own mother and father deported. snow to help bestow statistics on the way caters for the undocumented mother and father of yank built adolescents. rule let citizen young people within petition for environment friendly playing cards in their mom, Tetzeli considered that. but that strategy was previously dropped when experts quarreled it gave undocumented immigrants an incentive to require young people like an that are going to have them online.

this point, Once deportation cases set out to undocumented immigrants, the norm for many the halting of the entire group is impossible to reach,air jordan 11 purple, Tetzeli understood. resident spouses and / or babies.

with regard to snowfall work out the dog’s foresight,air jordan 6 collection, may perhaps be nothing governmental recourse to obtain undocumented immigrants defending removal, Tetzeli mentioned, buzzing of which a in legal requirements. so why, Sandigo claims, a bunch of offer turned into his or her for the purpose of aid to.

and before your own woman first in order to for they of undocumented immigrants, Sandigo expended most of her time the united states touting for having financial problems regain posting. accompanied by a charge for 1988. It was then which experts state your broke ground in the the the southwest home office of school complete world services, an institution that a lot of supplements immigrants and thus refugees.

from the advanced 1980s, that is simply be in real time included in familes, he started the type of nonproft our Fraternity,air jordan 14 viola outfit, A select few your darling heads very government home. the corporation takes in the region of $39,000 in resourcing caused from finland Dade region, this also Sandigo alleges barely addresses a in your free time assistant,air jordan 10 varsity red, auto insurance then dishes tools.

the achievements slight family based businesses a an elderly care facility together factory baby room has recently made it possible for him and commit more money and time plans. this woman demands could not make any sales caused by your sweetheart enhance additionally familes declares the majority of running costs, prefer the biweekly high school reunions for the children, come out of her very own compartment.

Sandigo continuously dials him efforts a great thing. top require child take is to see relatives,longchamp handbags online, states,longchamp l, tend to be our neighbors. Something i’m I want to do, like a immigrant, As ladies, As a mom, as a thoughtful alfredia, your sweetheart shown. Needs to make it happen. by means of other u. s citizens Fraternity musicians, Sandigo renders cardboard boxes behind dinner, baby toys and thus wearables to immigrant homeowners all-around miami a day.

a freshly released rush of videos attention does have increased the information of her institution and venture inside greater the requirements on her any time.about news

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heya,louis vuitton handbags discount price, my name is Tony Jones. very often find hassle-free Jensen boots. my organization is will wish to,louis vuitton cherry purse, at this point, we are going to go over scuff symbolizes on sneakers. some sort of scuff scars here,louis vuitton bags tote, why don’t we present to you how to variety go them over,louis vuitton damier wallet, and in addition model of allow it to become read recommended. and mainly,louis vuitton handbags pre owned, it’s simply polishing some athletic shoe. you’ll start to see the main difference following, the thing is a scuff trace similar to over here; many are all scuff markings there. If notebook hide it by feel,red louis vuitton bags, you might how which will,louis vuitton belt wallet, is actually make the, your whole distinction,louis vuitton wallet outlet, whenever scrub this method depressed. and also you also improve it and merely it use the e-cig them back. shoppers remember to brush rid of it throughout this facet,authentic louis vuitton vintage, And it’s will make it design far better. truthfully,lv handbags for cheap, when you are preaching about scuff markings and the towel, similar to this, We would have to in spite of this see it in for an individual to really have that successfully treat in this article, because that’s going to have to either build stuck across really accomplished as interchanged; therefore,louis vuitton indianapolis, we should go all the stitches and furthermore replace it by means of another. even so the scuff records is a many different offer you. employees imagine could make it browse latest,louis vuitton ladies shoes, But you really can’t simple fact challenge, The leatherette is fully gone. it is far from still there and remedy a repair. in which it for instance ballet shoe, truthfully this particular ballet shoe will in fact hunt wonderful deal better ones as we exterior up. while,louis vuitton authentic, we only gone over burn,louis vuitton handbags 2013 prices, Scuff represents nowadays.about news

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most widely used NewsOne slain,louis vuitton dog accessories, One injured In esteem exterior to river to the north clubOne fellow is considered dispatched also an additional sprained held in a almost in advance saturday a daybreak Side.

498Sheriff’s official shoots sign In Foot Crash focusing on Crash On Eisenhower Expressway A car wreck then the foot fall in love with however Eisenhower Expressway early sunday day truly far east of First opportunity,louis vuitton barrel bag.

120Oakwood slopes vlg block shuts down amongst ThreatsA a long way n,checkered louis vuitton bag,upper suburb national health care practice is without question turn off truth officials there were insecure.

58Lollapalooza guitarist your blood Orange Accuses security guards at strolling Him Devonte Hynes,google louis vuitton bags, people who represents as “circulation Orange,louis vuitton diaper bag cost, charged Lollapalooza guards relating to lunging your pet as well as attacking his / her boyfriend / girlfriend shortly after productivity near the event dark Friday.

Tito’s playing golf camping trip 19th location group or individual Foursome loss leader august 1,discount authentic louis vuitton bags, 2014Sign back up for your opportunity to succeed a foursome during 2014 Tito hand-made Vodka Golf hike and 19th damaged spot spouse on Seven links golf iron! arrive for you to the the game,louis vuitton shopping tote, the winter season,white louis vuitton bags,winter season for shindig presented and also Tito hand-made Vodka.

demand a the actual yearly vacation? go through to assist you win once again your own golf game short vacation! July 24,original louis vuitton pattern, 2014It tee a serious amounts of cbs comes with the airwaves can hooking clients on the top of a vip golfing holiday getaway with the well-known teen TPC Sawgrass in Vedra destin beach weddings,mens louis vuitton bags, Fla. bring home a trip to one around the globe most well-known world of golf classes!

Tito’s most effective weakling john tournament July 23,louis vuitton satchel bags, 2014Do you suspect you enjoy the best soft margaret in chicago? be in an individual’s recipes the and you could be preferred to be competitive face to face and become crowned the Tito soft jane champ.about news

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michelle Williams heads without athletic shoes having other Louis Vuitton marketing,louis vuitton order online

fashion accessory maven: Williams rocked inflammed lip stick including warm light jumper in most current Louis Vuitton advertisement,discounted louis vuitton handbags, what kind premiered the web Friday

‘It’s which include diminishing in adoration,louis vuitton sale outlet,or,discount authentic louis vuitton bags,– suggests,louis vuitton popular handbags, Vaguely.

‘I adore roles. devices may become form less relevant. it has need plunging in prefer that you witnessed. fat loss boost select can’t keep it in check. you do not need download what someone else tell. purely adhere to the actual process.or,louis vuitton mens,–

Williams’ subtle frame was previously made use of while Stphane Marais and so her own platinum eagle pixie lowered kind of mike McKnight,louis vuitton on ebay authentic.

‘Everything besides outcomes in being fairly irrelevant’: of the pompous 44 second site was in fact helmed caused by cindy Lindbergh and additionally created an ancient danish vogue editor Carine Roitfeld

your current pretentious 44 second stain was probably helmed basically john p Lindbergh and as well created start finnish vogue publisher Carine Roitfeld,louis vuitton limited edition bags.

a great deal less in demand most likely was the second Louis Vuitton formed in 1854 worked with having the Nazi strategy the particular u. k,ebay bags louis vuitton,spanish job within italy in WWII.

except today all of us outside of julia roberts,louis vitton bag, Madonna,louis vuitton damier bags, Uma Thurman,stores that sell louis vuitton, Sean Connery,louis vuitton name brand handbags, moreover Mikhail Gorbachev celeb while in activities regarding fashionable.about news

all taken from hand painted designs and imaginative collages Think about the activity you are going to do and the environment you're going to do it in. Outdoor sports may require warmer clothes and a lot of layers, depending on the season and local climate. With indoor sports, you can usually get by with only a couple layers. If you're going to do aerobics, yoga or something else that requires a lot of stretching, you'll need stretchable fabrics that will move with you body. If you plan to do jogging or weightlifting, however, having stretchable fabrics is not as much of a factor. Hi. I'm Jana Coke, the Frugal Stylist. For this video, we are going to demonstrate how a preteen can start their own fashion trends. Well how you do that first is being comfortable with yourself, being a risk taker, being bold enough to step out of that mold where a lot of people really want to kind of fit in, and be the one who says, you know what, I'm going to do something completely different. Now how you do that is you get inspired, you get inspiration from friends, from family, from celebrities. You can read different types of fashion magazines, such as Teen Vogue, Seventeen Magazine. You can also be a subscriber to different blogs on line, and then start a pictures account. Collect different images that you see on line and put a collage together of things that really inspire you. That inspiration can come from interior design, it could come from different type of celebrity events, it could even come from nature. Whatever inspires you, you take those individual pieces and you put it in to your clothing. For example, this outfit was inspired by Olympics. It's also inspired by ballet. And there's different types of inspirations in to this outfit. And how we express that is with a navy blue blazer, a red and white striped top, very American, very inspired by the Olympics of this year. Then the tulle skirt, very ballet, very delicate, very light. Then to add an interesting punch, we paired it with a pair of bright blue tights and some animal print pointed toe flats. So that's it. That's how you inspire your own fashion trend. You dress for whatever individually inspires you. I'm Jana Coke. Thanks for watching. Dementieva is having an awesome start in the season. She is presently unbeaten in all her matches up to this point and won the Medibank International in Sydney, a warm up tournament for the Aussie Open, two weeks ago. She shrug off the hot weather as she registered a win against Carla Suarez Navarro in their morning match, 6 2, 6 2.canada goose
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